What is the Value of Corporate Training?

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Corporate training costs money, so you need to prove you’re giving your company positive value.

Yet measuring the effect of a training course often starts and ends with a course evaluation form, which doesn’t reveal much except whether attendees had a good time.


So how can department heads justify the cost of corporate skills training by showing its value?

Getting Value from Training

For training to generate real productive value in a company, three things must happen. First, course attendees must enjoy the training and be willing to use their new skills back on the job. Next they must have learned something and not just sat through the course. Finally, they must have the chance to actually use what they learned back at work.

If these three things happen then there will be an effect and an impact on your business. If we can find and measure that then we can begin to see the value that the training course delivered to your company.

Measuring the Value

With our “Impact Measurement & Reporting” solution – which you can select as an option for any of our training courses - we take measurement from your course attendees at three points. First, we issue a pre-course form to take a baseline on staff before they attend the course, then we issue a post-course evaluation form to discover what they learned and how they intend to use their new skills. Finally after a month or six weeks, we hold a short facilitated session where we help them complete a follow-up form.

Each form has carefully crafted questions which we have developed over several years. When analysed, the answers allow us to discover the skills, capability and attitude of each attendee and the changes they experienced.

What You Receive

Once we have collated and interpreted the data from the three measurement points, we produce a Training Impact Report for you. This multi-page report will show you how the attendees performed as a group during the training, the extent to which they were inclined and able to apply what they learned, and the effects that this had on their business operations.*

Impact Measurement & Reporting.png

* It is possible using the Phillips ROI Methodology® to perform a complete ROI Impact Study and reveal the isolated business impact and corresponding ROI as a percentage of costs. To do so does however require a considerable amount of data collection and analysis as well as access to company-sensitive information such as dollar costs and unit-of-measure values. Our Training Impact Report does not go this far – nonetheless it does provide a balance of information we have found to be of direct use to HR and L&D departments in their professional evaluation of the value of a training course.


As expert partners of the ROI Institute we can of course conduct a full ROI Impact Study on request, or train your staff with the skills they will need to do it. Just ask us.