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About Us

The Business Evaluation Centre brings world-class training to multi-national corporations, local businesses and career-minded individuals in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Who We Are

Since 2003, our parent company Knight Griffin Pte. Ltd. has been in corporate training and consulting. With the launch of our flagship brand the Business Evaluation Centre in 2014, we have further developed our training products and services to provide many of the tools needed to measure and improve the proficiency and efficiency of organisational projects, programmes and initiatives.


As Official Partner to the ROI Institute® , our goal is to deliver industry-recognised training that is regionalised, locally supported and at a price point that virtually guarantees a strong return on investment for you.

To date, we have conducted training to thousands of career-minded professionals in public classes or corporate training centres in many regional countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Meet Our Team

Fuelled by passion to help you develop your organisation and yourself. Get to know us.

What is the ROI Methodology®?

The ROI Methodology® originally sprang from the pressing need to put a dollar value on human capital development - in other words deriving the value for money of building people – and Human Resource was the first corporate division to really benefit from the ability to plan, spend and defend their budget.

But over the nearly thirty years since the formation of the ROI Institute® it has broadened far more than that, with studies being conducted to ascertain ROI in the areas of:


  • information technology adoption and use

  • new product development and deployment

  • quality and manufacturing systems

  • sports sponsorship

  • employee engagement, learning and development

  • corporate security

  • medical procedures

  • diversity programmes... and much more.

“The ability to credibly find the ROI in such a huge range of industries and activities makes consulting in this area captivating. The bottom line is always ROI, and to give that to corporate leaders – and to show their teams how it’s done – is a high-value capability for any corporate executive or professional consultant.”

Colin Millward

Founder and Head of Corporate Training at the Business Evaluation Centre


To date, more than 40,000 people have gone through ROI Methodology® training around the world, however there are only just over 5,000 Certified ROI Professionals. The Business Evaluation Centre is proud to be the Official Partner to the ROI Institute® in Singapore, Hong Kong and the region.