I am a corporate executive and I want to measure and improve my division’s performance

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Measurement and Feedback is one of five common traits of high-performing organisations, which plan and build-in indicators and measures, and which actively use data to make good decisions.

Typically, all the measures are in place for investment made by an organisation which directly relates to sales; for example introducing a new product, moving into a new market.


However with internal investment, performance measurement is more difficult to reliably measure.


Corporate divisions providing essential services in support of the business include:


  • Human Resource

  • Learning & Development

  • Information Technology

  • Quality Assurance

  • Production & Operations

  • Advertising and Marketing 


Yet these divisions face the challenge of quantifying the business benefits of what they do.


​​“Cost centre holders are often the most stressed, having to justify the value of the contribution their department initiatives are making to the company. I have been one myself, and dependable numbers are usually elusive in the absence of good ways to measure.”

Colin Millward

Founder and Head of Corporate Training at the Business Evaluation Centre 


This is what we do at the Business Evaluation Centre.

Who We

Work With

  •  Senior Executives

  • Managers

  • Directors

  • Department Heads

What Industries

Our Clients Are From

  • Banks

  • Oil

  • Government 

  • Shipping

  • Construction

  • Luxury Goods

By partnering with the ROI Institute we are able to train you and your team with the essential skills of the Phillips ROI Methodology®, allowing you to reliably calculate the business impact and dollar value of what your department does.

And we do more.


Our range of courses in Project Management, Client Account Management and more will help you get the best performance from your team to raise your Return On Investment (ROI) still further.

Courses That May Interest You

The ROI Masterclass

Course Duration: 2 Days

Do you know the true dollar value of your contribution to the company? Organisations thrive through projects and programmes that improve business results. Yet few reliable methods exist to calculate benefits - monetary or otherwise - of initiatives such as re-organisations, staff learning and development, service improvements, marketing campaigns, sales training, computer system upgrades etc.

The ROI Masterclass is a course which, in just two days, gives you the essential skills and tools every manager and corporate executive needs to derive the true business impact and dollar value of your projects, programmes and initiatives.

Survey Skills For Professionals

Course Duration: 1 Day

In a highly competitive world we are information-hungry. Whether we focus on new customers or markets, identify service issues, reveal performance information or discover trends, a survey is often the means we use to obtain vital information. Yet we are inundated with surveys.  Visit a website, open your email or catch the eye of someone with a clipboard in a shopping mall and there is a strong chance that you will be asked to answer some questions. But how many do we actually complete? Statistics (obtained from a survey) show that just a small percentage are ever likely to be completed, even if they are compulsory. In short, we are all suffering from “survey fatigue”.


So if you need to produce an effective survey to determine precisely what you need to know, ask the right people, maximise the number of responses and get it right first time (because you can never ask twice), then this course is for you.

Recommended Books

10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment (177 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD

Defining business alignment as the process of “ensuring that a new project, program, or process is connected directly to business impact measures, usually expressed in terms such as output, quality, cost, or time,” 10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment offers concrete input, detailed suggestions, and pragmatic know-how on how to plan for, implement, and maintain effective alignment for projects of nearly every size and scope.

Price: S$40

Investing In Your Company's Human Capital (288 Pages)

By Jack J. Phillips, PhD

Foreword by Jac Fitz-enz. This book presents five strategies for establishing appropriate levels of investment—monetary and otherwise—in workforce initiatives. The people in a company reflect the investment not only of money, but also of the time dedicated to developing and executing projects and programs. A practical approach to an often mishandled asset, Investing in Your Company's Human Capital is a valuable tool for driving any enterprise's bottom line.

Price: S$60

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