Stand Up and Be Counted

How To Show the Business Value of Your Projects & Initiatives

Duration: 1 Hour

Dates: 28 March 2018

Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Venue: Boardroom@L39, MBFC Tower 2

Fees: $10 (includes lunch)

Speaker: Colin Millward, MBA, PMP®, CRP


Division heads and cost-centre holders need to launch projects, programmes and other initiatives to improve performance and reduce waste. Yet, while operational experience is vital to the decision process, they often lack the techniques needed to numerically show the business value of their spending to corporate leaders.

The accurate evaluation of Return On Investment (ROI) is the essence of good business decisions. It is the preferred language for corporate operatives to communicate with board members, C-suite corporate leaders, investors and other senior stakeholders.

So how is business value measured accurately? And how can ROI be conveyed reliably?


In this closed door session, the ultimate measure of business success – ROI - is discussed and explained, with examples of how this is calculated using the world-renowned Phillips ROI MethodologyTM, and how executives can use it to measure an ongoing project or programme, or plan it in from the start.

Who Is This Speech For?

Corporate managers, cost-centre holders and executives in the areas of human resources, learning and development, information technology, quality and compliance, operations, advertising, marketing, and other supporting areas where initiatives are important but dollar benefits are unclear.

Also project managers and programme managers who need to deliver business value, and professional consultants and coaches who would like to increase the value of what they deliver to their clients. 


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