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Measuring ROI in Healthcare (347 Pages)

by Victor V. Buzachero, Jack Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Zack L. Phillips

Whatever healthcare improvement projects you plan to introduce—from system wide medical procedures, technology implementations, and systems integration to nurse retention, risk management, and leadership development— Measuring ROI in Healthcare provides the tools you need to prove the worth of your project to decision makers.

Published by McGraw-Hill

Price: S$70

Maximising The Value Of Consulting (520 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, William D. Trotter, and Patricia Pulliam Phillips

Maximizing the Value of Consulting offers internal and external consultants an essential resource for managing, measuring, and delivering consistent results that are valued by their clients. This important guide provides a roadmap for consultants who must deliver promised results when operating in today's fast-paced and ever-changing global environment.

Published by Wiley & Sons

Price: S$70

Measuring Leadership Development (335 Pages)

By Jack Phillips, Ph.D, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Ph.D, and Rebecca Ray, Ph.D

Leadership development is alive and well. However, even executives often question its value. With scarce resources, every expenditure requires examination. This books presents the most applied approach to evaluating programs and processes including leadership development.

Published by McGraw Hill

Price: S$60

Measuring ROI in Environment, Health & Safety (451 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, and Al Pulliam

Within an organization, the responsibilities for environment, health, and safety are often under the direction of the same executive team in an organization. This new book shows how to measure the success of all types of programs and projects involving environment initiatives, health related programs for employees and citizens, and various safety programs in all types of settings. It also explains how to report results by using a step-by-step approach.

Published by Wiley

Price: S$130


Making Human Capital Analytics Work (304 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD


In today’s business climate of shrinking budgets and increased scrutiny of departmental value, you need to prove with inarguable data that HR is a strategic partner in the company’s pursuit of profit and growth.

Making Human Capital Analytics Work shows how to use data to drive decisions and build support for the HR function through the use of analytics. It’s the ideal guide for anyone involved directly or indirectly with HR, including HR Executives, Project Funders, Analytics Practitioners, Business Managers, and Consultants.

Published by McGraw-Hill

Price: S$70

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