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Performance Consulting (284 Pages)

by Dana Gaines Robinson, James C. Robinson, Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, and Dick Handshaw


This 3rd edition of the classic book that introduced performance consulting adds a wealth of new material. New case examples and four new chapters providing detailed steps for measuring results from performance consulting initiatives on five different levels, including ROI. The book includes a never-before-published Alignment and Measurement Model, allowing you to connect organizational needs and performance consulting initiatives designed to address those needs with the appropriate level of measurement.

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Price: S$50

Real World Training Evaluation (178 Pages)

by Patricia Pulliam Phillips and Jack J. Phillips

Let’s face it, professionals, specialists, managers, and leaders in learning and development and performance improvement need credible, efficient information to measure the success of program. They need information that can be absorbed quickly; Information that has been proven in real world settings; They need examples from the real world, Along with tips and short cuts; They need tools to make life easier and they want to learn the process in chunks. This is the philosophy behind Real World Evaluation.

Published by ATD Press

Price: S$60

Show Me The Money (269 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD

Increased accountability for achieving high-value results for new initiatives is the norm in every organization. The Phillips’, the world’s leading experts on ROI strategy, distill their years of experience and research into proven tools for determining the value of any project before, during, and after implementation. Developed in an easy-to-read format and fortified with case studies, checklists, tips, and tools, this work gives change agents everything they need to provide detailed evaluations of the financial benefits of any project or program.

Published by Berrett-Koehler

Price: S$60

Survey Basics (272 Pages)

by Patricia P. Phillips, Jack Phillips, and Bruce Aaron

This book is a tool to help the L&D professional design and administer surveys and questionnaires. It describes the purpose of surveys and questionnaires, types of error that can creep into survey results, and considerations when developing specific survey questions. In addition, it offers advice to ensure positive response rates and how to design the instrument so that people find it easy to respond. The book includes content on validity and reliability, data analysis, and includes a chapter describing approaches to displaying data and reporting results.

Published by ASTD Press

Price: S$50


Project Management Fundamentals Course Companion and Notebook Set

by Business Evaluation Centre

This Companion Guide and Notebook Set is designed and produced by Business Evaluation Centre as training aide for Project Management Fundamentals (2-day) course participants. The Course Companion explores the essential aspects of initiating a project, planning correctly and executing effectively to achieve on-time and on-budget delivery. It is aimed to help project team members and those who are new to managing and leading projects, as well as for more experienced project managers and department heads.


For stylish writing and data saving, the notebook includes a USB ballpoint pen in glossy red lacquered metal. A 8GB USB stick is concealed at the end of the pen.

Price: S$150


Measuring The Success Of Sales Training (253 Pages)

By Patricia Pulliam Phillips and Jack J. Phillips with Rachel Robinson


It has never been more important to show examples of sales skills at work. The process to evaluate these skills is sometimes perceived straightforward and routine, simply a matter of tracking the sales gains after the program has been conducted. But credibly evaluating sales training programs is a bit more involved than that.

Experts in practice of ROI measurement, Jack and Patti Phillips have collected a new book of ROI case studies, with a focus on sales training programs. 


Published by ASTD Press.


Price: S$50

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