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The Chief Learning Officer (334 Pages)

By  Jack J. Phillips and Tamar Elkeles

New business realities and customer demands, coupled with new technologies in a changing competitive landscape are causing corporate learning departments to rethink their value, role, and impact in the organization. The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is in a unique position to add significant value to the organization to drive value, focusing on issues such as business alignment, managing resources, innovation, customer service and ROI.

Published by Taylor & Francis Ltd


Price: S$70

The Green Scorecard (266 Pages)

By Patricia Pulliam Phillips and Jack J. Phillips

Too many organizations are currently caught in what may be called a green slump, struggling to engage in green projects and making far less progress than is actually required. This book provides many examples of how to use the ROI Methodology, including projects and programs aimed at all types of environmental, climate change, and sustainability issues.  The Green Scorecard shows how green projects can be successful with use of the ROI Methodology and underscores why the ROI Methodology is needed to ensure that such projects are effective and long-lasting. 


Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Price: S$50

Measuring ROI in Employee Relations and Compliance (182 Pages) 

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD


In today’s economic climate, there is a tremendous focus on ensuring that the Human Resource function is connected to the business. Measuring ROI in Employee Relations and Compliance presents case studies describing how this is being accomplished by following in a step-by-step, proven approach. It provides insight into the different issues, challenges, and opportunities HR faces as it tries to show value for its employee relations and compliance programs. 

Published by Society for Human Resource Management

Price: S$80

Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement Methods

(499 Pages) by Jack J. Phillips and Patricia P. Phillips

The aim of this handbook is to equip managers and human resource development professionals with the practical tools necessary to evaluate training programmes and to measure their effectiveness and profitability. Using real-life examples and clear illustrations the book demonstrates how to determine training programme costs, calculate the return on investment, assess the attitude towards training evaluation in an organization, select the optimum evaluation strategy, design programme evaluation instruments, compare and select the most effective and efficient data-collection methods, analyze evaluation data, obtain management commitment and support and communicate the results of training programmes.

Published by Taylor & Francis Ltd

Price: S$130

The Project Management Scorecard (352 Pages)

By Jack J. Phillips, Timothy W. Bothell and  G. Lynne Snead

Today, almost every industry requires employees to manage multiple projects with competing priorities, critical deadlines, and unexpected interruptions—rendering everyone a project manager in some respect. Organizations have responded by investing large amounts of both time and money to improve project management, and most strive to justify the efforts and resources dedicated to improving this goal. This book is a welcome relief for anyone managing a project or multiple projects, as well as the trainers, human resource development staff, or supervisors charged with measuring, evaluating, and managing project managers.

Published by Taylor & Francis Ltd

Price: S$80


The Value Of Learning: How Organisations Capture Value & ROI (425 Pages)

By Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D, and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Ph.D

Even the best organizations may have trouble convincing key stakeholders that learning programs add value and are vital to a company’s growth. These professionals are faced with a common dilemma: How do you put a number value on the intangible benefits of training and development? Now the experts on ROI and the most prolific authors in learning and development evaluation have created the definitive guide to collecting hard-to-measure data and placing monetary value on those intangible benefits.

Published by Pfeiffer

Price: S$80

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