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Value for Money: Measuring the Return on Non-Capital Investment (543 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD

This collection of ROI case studies represents the use of the Phillips ROI Methodology in a broad range of applications in the human resources, learning and development, and performance improvement fields. Each case follows the methodology and describes in detail how it was used to show the value of a particular project, program, or initiative.

Published by Business Writers Exchange Press in 2018


Price: S$50

The Business Case For Learning (252 Pages)

By by Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD and Jack J. Phillips, PhD

We know desired business results are achieved only when a company is made up of highly engaged, highly skilled employees. We know learning and development are absolutely necessary for creating them, yet in most organizations, the C-suite is not seeing the value they expect and deserve from their learning programs—and budgets are at constant risk of being cut. Patti and Jack Phillips say the truth has never been more clear: learning programs must get connected to hard business results if you are to protect your funding. Yet if you’re like most learning and development professionals, you face some daunting roadblocks.

Published by HRDQ and ATD Press in 2017.

Price: S$50


Project Management ROI (287 Pages)

By Jack J. Phillips, Wayne Brantley and Patricia Pulliam Phillips

To survive this modern age of financially skeptical “show me the ROI” investors, it is a crucial step for companies to develop an effective project management strategy in order to stay ahead of the curve and achieve success. Project Management ROI takes the guesswork out of determining how to monetarily value projects by teaching the time-tested Return on Investment (ROI) methodology. It presents these results-based concepts in a methodical, reproducible manner that project managers, executives, and analysts can use as a validated reference for future projects. This book focuses on an array of measures to forecast project value and collect data during and after implementation, including reaction, learning, application and implementation, impact, return on investment, and intangibles.

Published by John WIley & Sons, Inc

Price: S$130

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