MINI SERIES (5/11): Eleven reasons to make training and development work for your company

Reason #5: Regarding Training as an Event or a Series of Events

An individual participant’s behaviour change can determine a positive business impact, and such change does not happen overnight. When training is considered a single event, for example attending a two-day workshop, the odds of seeing a changing behaviour in the participant is slim. Without behaviour change, training fails to generate business results. Essentially, training which sees a series of programmes, with pre-work syllabus and follow-up reinforcement can see a positive change in behaviour, leading to desirable business results.

Adapted from the article “Eleven Reasons Why Training and Development Fails... and what you can do about it” by Drs Jack J. Phillips & Patti P. Phillips at the ROI Institute, the Business Evaluation Centre will be featuring a mini-series on this topic, sharing a new point each week. Make sure to catch the weekly update every Monday!


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