MINI SERIES (6/11): Eleven reasons to make training and development work for your company

Reason #6: Participants are Not Held Accountable for Results

For training programs to be successful, the individual participants must be seen to drive performance change. Training and development staffs, along with managers, trainers, developers, and senior executives are typically held responsible for the lack of results. But participants can succeed with training if they are properly motivated to do so and are held accountable for their results, even with an unsupportive manager.

Traditionally, the participants’ role in a training program has been limited to attendance – learning the skills and knowledge being offered. Rather than simply applying what they learnt, they should also ensure that doing so will reflect business results. While this creates additional expectations, it brings learning to achieving results. This shift is accomplished by developing expectations into learning solutions, such as providing handouts detailing specific expectations, and defining the roles of employees in various handbooks, employee manuals, and orientation sessions. Participants must understand that the program’s success rests largely with them, and disappointing results may be their responsibility. The change in their behaviour remains critical and we should shift the focus on participant’s role in the process.

Adapted from the article “Eleven Reasons Why Training and Development Fails... and what you can do about it” by Drs Jack J. Phillips & Patti P. Phillips at the ROI Institute, the Business Evaluation Centre will be featuring a mini-series on this topic, sharing a new point each week. Make sure to catch the weekly update every Monday!

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