MINI SERIES (8/11): Eleven reasons to make training and development work for your company

Reason #8: Lack of Management Reinforcement and Support

The manager’s role is critical in the learning process. Many don’t realise their influence which results in lack of management encouragement and support. Without the right support, participants will not be motivated to implement new skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Most studies have shown that the two most powerful opportunities for managerial input occur during the interaction with the learner prior to the training solution an after the training has been completed. The problem often exists in managers’ perceptions about reinforcement and support. Some managers feel their job is done when they created an empowered environment for employees, and there’s no need to follow through with each new learner’s application of new skills or knowledge. However, learning new skills is a different situation. A new process implemented in the workplace, particularly one involving a significant departure from pervious approaches, requires the immediate manager’s support. All it takes is just a simple inquiry about the training program’s success and how it will be implemented into the work unit.

Organisations offering support resolve this issue by developing management reinforcement modules for a particular program, defining managers’ support roles, conducting workshops to show managers their specific roles, holding managers accountable through their own job descriptions and responsibilities, and rewarding managers for doing it right.

Adapted from the article “Eleven Reasons Why Training and Development Fails... and what you can do about it” by Drs Jack J. Phillips & Patti P. Phillips at the ROI Institute, the Business Evaluation Centre will be featuring a mini-series on this topic, sharing a new point each week. Make sure to catch our weekly update!

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