MINI SERIES (11/11): Eleven reasons to make training and development work for your company

Reason #11: Failure to Provide Feedback and Use Information About Results.

All stakeholders need feedback. Without appropriate feedback, a program may not reach expectations.

1. Employees require feedback on their progress.

2. Developers and designers need feedback on program design.

3. Facilitators need feedback to see if adjustments should be made to delivery.

4. Clients need feedback on a program’s success.

The challenge is to provide a stream of information, as data are collected, to a variety of audiences. The common target audience at the varying levels range from top executives, immediate managers to participants, etc.

Just how is the information shared? Sharing evaluation data from Kirkpatrick’s levels 1-5 can help refine the training process. Reaction data and learning data can improve learning design and facilitation. Application data should be provided to those individuals implementing the pros so that adjustments can be made. And business impact data must be shared with clients and others so that the entire group can understand the value. Most importantly, the results may be used to make adjustments in the design, development, and delivery of the program. The routine communication of data serves as a process improvement in making a successful program more successful.

Do these eleven issues sound familiar? Now is the time to address them all and let your organisation’s training live up to expectations and generate appropriate returns on investment. With increased pressure to show the payoff of the investment in learning and education, failure cannot be tolerated. Failure can be prevented.

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