ROI Master Class to be held on 23rd to 24th May 2016

The ROI Master Class is presented in Singapore by the Business Evaluation Centre (BEC), who are the official partner of the ROI Institute, a premier research institute based in the United States that has developed the Philips ROI Methodology®. This course gives you the skills you need to apply this methodology and derive business impact and ROI on every project you manage.

During this executive programme, you will:
  • learn how to measure the contribution of a various performance improvement programmes

  • learn how to calculate ROI using the Phillips ROI Methodology®

  • learn how to enhance program results and improve ROI

  • discover how to translate intangible benefits into monetary values

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of their projects and programmes, be it learning and development, employee engagement, leadership coaching, marketing and performance improvement initiatives etc. Individuals who need to demonstrate the ROI and business impact of initiatives in human resources, quality, process improvement, organisational change, and technology implementation will also benefit.

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