Congratulations on a successful completion of the ROI Master Class!

The Business Evaluation Centre extends our heartiest congratulations to all the participants who completed the ROI Master Class which was recently held on 23 to 24 May 2016. Mr Colin Millward led the class through two days of training filled with knowledge and humour.

The class participants - all certified Project Manager Professionals (PMPs) - learnt how to measure the contribution of a various performance improvement programmes, calculating the business return on investment using the Phillips ROI Methodology®, how to enhance program results and improve ROI and discovered how to translate intangible benefits into monetary values.

Upon completion of the programme, they are now ROI experts, who can start communicating with Senior Management and Board Directors in the language they understand - business impact and dollars.

Camaraderie was created within the class, and the ROI Professional community in Singapore has just grown larger.

Business Evaluation Centre wishes our ROI Professionals all the best in their endeavours, and a successful journey to being a Certified ROI Professional (CRP)!


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