Business Evaluation Centre Joins Singapore Mediation Centre

The Business Evaluation Centre (BEC) proudly joins the list of signatories to the Singapore Mediation Charter, an emerging industry-standard model for the adoption of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques such as business conflict resolution and mediation to amicably resolve corporate or business issues.

Created by the Singapore Mediation Centre - the landmark ADR association in the country - the charter encourages organisations to pledge to explore mediation as a route to resolution before resorting to often expensive and frustrating approaches such as litigation.

"Whilst we seldom, if ever, have disputes of any kind in our field of business, we nonetheless highly value this commitment to the Singapore Mediation Charter." says BEC Founder Colin Millward. "As experienced mediators ourselves, this is a logical step to support the development and maturity of mediation in Singapore and elsewhere."


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