Why Conduct ROI Certification Classes Internally?

In recent months, the ROI Institute has seen an increasing demand for internal ROI Certifications – in other words classes held privately inside a company or government organisation as opposed to public classes. In fact, the growing trend shows that approximately 70% of ROI Certification classes are exclusively for team members*.

As official partner to the ROI Institute in Singapore, we have witnessed a similar trend here with the Singapore Ministry of Defence conducting two internal courses in 2016 and 2017 as well as other in-house courses being either delivered or scheduled.

There are certainly advantages for an internal ROI Certification, notably:

1. Confidentiality

Very often, the information and issues discussed are company – or government - sensitive and have to be kept confidential.

2. Focus

Unlike in a public course, the organisation can choose to focus on select projects or initiatives they want evaluated.

3. Ease of implementation

During a training or workshop, when a team of professionals charged to implement the project comes together then everyone gets aligned to the business objectives and understand their respective roles in the project. This leads to a more cohesive team that allows for a smoother process in implementation.

The Business Evaluation Centre offers a two-day ROI Masterclass workshop that allows participants to prepare for ROI Certification, as well as conducting both public and in-house certification classes.

For more information on how we can help you with your business needs, please contact us at here.


* Source: A Trend Toward Internal ROI Certification, ROI Institute USA.

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