MINI SERIES (2/11): Eleven reasons to make training and development work for your company

Reason #2: Failure to Recognise Non-Training Solutions

More often than not, training solutions may not necessarily be the "solve-all" solution. If the wrong solution is implemented, little or no pay-off will result. This was observed in cases where job performance issues were identified, but where, thanks to an ROI Impact Study, factors such as reward systems, job designs and motivation turned out to be the real concerns.

To overcome this problem, executives must focus on methods to analyse performance rather than conduct traditional training needs assessments. Up-front analysis should therefore be elevated from needs assessment, which is based on skills and knowledge deficiencies, to a process that begins with business needs and works through the learning needs. In this way, training solutions will only be applied where a genuine business improvement can be pre-determined.

Adapted from the article “Eleven Reasons Why Training and Development Fails... and what you can do about it” by Drs Jack J. Phillips & Patti P. Phillips at the ROI Institute, the Business Evaluation Centre will be featuring a mini-series on this topic, sharing a new point each week. Make sure to catch the weekly update every Monday!

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