Business Value through ROI for Senior Management


Do you know the true dollar value of your contribution to the company? Organisations thrive through projects and programmes that improve business results. Yet few reliable methods exist to calculate benefits - monetary or otherwise - of initiatives such as re-organisations, staff learning and development, service improvements, marketing campaigns, sales training, computer system upgrades etc.

The ROI Masterclass is a course which, in just two days, gives you the essential skills and tools every manager and corporate executive needs to derive the true business impact and dollar value of your projects, programmes and initiatives.

Using the world-renowned ROI Methodology™ developed by the ROI Institute, this interactive, instructor-led course will focus on easy to understand concepts and methods, so you don't need a financial background to accurately and logically calculate the ROI of your activities and report your results credibly.

On completion, and after conducting your first ROI Impact Study in your organisation, you will earn the prestigious Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation, joining the thousands of other professionals world-wide who have achieved this goal.


Who is the Course For?


Executives and Managers from

  • Human Resources,

  • Learning & Development,

  • Information Technology

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Health & Safety

  • Any department that supports the success of the organisation and needs to understand and demonstrate corporate value in terms of business impact and dollars to senior management.

If you need to provide clear benefits and business impact of what you do to the company, then this gateway course is for you. Armed with Phillips ROI Methodology™ skills, you will have an accredited industry-standard method that will give you the information you need to make effective business decisions.

Successful completion of this ROI Masterclass is the required first step on your path to CRP accreditation.

What Can You Do After The Masterclass?

Immediately after this course, you are able to accurately derive Business Impact and Return On Investment (ROI) on your activities.


This will allow you to:

  • Advise corporate leaders and board members of the value they get for what they are spending

  • Build a credible case for further funding, and show why

  • Increase face time and gain corporate support with senior executives through demonstrating the value you create

  • Prepare yourself to obtain the Certified ROI Professional (CRP) accreditation in the near future.


About the ROI Methodology™


The ROI Methodology™ is a world-class method to derive and calculate Business Impact and Return On Investment in any organisation, no matter how complex. Originally developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips, Founder of the ROI Institute  , it has been refined over several decades and applied world-wide as an industry standard business technique. 

The ROI Methodology™ is recognised and adopted by the United States Government and other governments as well as the United Nations, and is being used in thousands of medium and large corporations world-wide including Lockheed Martin, Dell Computers, Apple, Shell, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Societe Generale Bank, Aventis School of Business, Federal Express and many more.




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Course Information



12-13 December 2019 (Thursday-Friday)


9.00am to 5.00pm


Singapore - PSB Academy


S$3,980 nett per person. 

Course fees is for 2 days of training and includes course materials and refreshments

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