I am a senior manager thinking of moving into the consulting business

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After a full career in business or industry you have invaluable experience and knowledge that executives, managers and organisations need to know.


Consulting at senior level not only retains your high-profile as a corporate professional, but it allows you to control the time you spend with clients and enjoy a better balance between work and personal time.

However, even if you have a clearly essential skill to bring to your clients, how can you show the value of the work you will do? And how can you develop further skill sets to augment your capabilities in a crowded, competitive market?


To be able to show the true value of what you do in terms of the Return On Investment (ROI) that your customer makes from your services is vital. Whether they are paying for help with:


  • management coaching

  • organisational restructuring

  • change management

  • computer solutions

How We Help You Develop Your Skills


As Official Partner to the ROI Institute, we at the Business Evaluation Centre help you develop the skills you will need to derive the business impact and dollar value of the services you deliver to your clients using the world-class Phillips ROI Methodology®, and to communicate it to senior management and board directors effectively and convincingly.


At last you will be able to show the true dollar value of your services, and build your own case studies showing the ROI you can achieve when approaching new clients.

And there is more.


Our ROI Masterclass is your first step towards gaining the Certified ROI Practitioner (CRP) accreditation, joining the thousands who have achieved this sought-after certification world-wide so far.


Packed with cross-industry case studies and exercises, this two-day class goes in-depth into the Phillips ROI Methodology®, allowing you to develop the business skills you will need to engage senior management most effectively.

CRP certification is another highly valued skill set that you might also bring to your clients, with your ability to conduct ROI Impact Studies and derive the true value of almost any activity, project or programme that your client undertakes.

“The ability to credibly find the ROI in such a huge range of industries and activities makes consulting in this area captivating. The bottom line is always ROI, and to give that to corporate leaders – and to show their teams how it’s done – is a high-value capability for any professional consultant.”

Colin Millward

Founder and Head of Corporate Training at the Business Evaluation Centre



To date, more than 40,000 people have gone through Phillips ROI Methodology® training around the world, however there are only just over 5,000 Certified ROI Professionals.

We want you to know more about our training and how we can help you, and how you can fill a market need for accredited CRP consultants.

Courses That May Interest You

The ROI Masterclass

Course Duration: 2 Days

Do you know the true dollar value of your contribution to the company? Organisations thrive through projects and programmes that improve business results. Yet few reliable methods exist to calculate benefits - monetary or otherwise - of initiatives such as re-organisations, staff learning and development, service improvements, marketing campaigns, sales training, computer system upgrades etc.

The ROI Masterclass is a course which, in just two days, gives you the essential skills and tools every manager and corporate executive needs to derive the true business impact and dollar value of your projects, programmes and initiatives.

Project Risk Management

Course Duration: 2 Days

Understanding the nature and consequences of risk is key to the success of a project, and a “triggering” risk can impact the chances of completion on scope, cost and time and more, sometimes with devastating consequences. Yet not enough risk management is practiced by project managers, who are often – fairly or otherwise – blamed for poorly performing projects where risks have triggered.


Aimed at more experienced project managers, this course provides the extra understanding and tools needed to help you identify project risks and their sources, qualitatively and quantitatively analyse them and go on to make the necessary preparations as well as to have a plan to deal with those that trigger.

Recommended Books

Show Me The Money (269 Pages)

by Jack J. Phillips, PhD and Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD

Increased accountability for achieving high-value results for new initiatives is the norm in every organization. The Phillips’, the world’s leading experts on ROI strategy, distill their years of experience and research into proven tools for determining the value of any project before, during, and after implementation. Developed in an easy-to-read format and fortified with case studies, checklists, tips, and tools, this work gives change agents everything they need to provide detailed evaluations of the financial benefits of any project or program.

Price: S$60

Measuring the Success of Coaching (228 Pages)

By Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips, and Lisa A. Edwards

Measuring the Success of Coaching offers a clear, complete, and detailed explanation and treatment of the principles behind return on investment in coaching. It provides a conceptual framework; workable suggestions for developing, implementing, and maintaining programs for measuring ROI in coaching; and practical, germane case studies. Measuring the Success of Coaching is a comprehensive resource for trainers, coaches, managers, human resources personnel, and other professionals interested in or tasked with creating programs for measuring return on investment within organizations. 

Price: S$70

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